Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Flash Games for Healthy Relationships

Finally, one of my first projects as Studio Picotee has come to life on the web! It's been one of the hardest ones to explain, so now you can see it for yourself.

My client, Power of Two, is a marriage counseling service, and they were awarded a grant from the federal government to create interactive content that teaches relationship skills to unwed, expecting parents. A pretty narrow segment, I know! I think we did a pretty good job of creating a collection of games to teach and demonstrate positive skills for preserving a relationship during a time of life changes.

As Creative Director of Power of Two, I oversaw the look and feel of these games, and created many of the flat templates that the animators used to make the games a reality. And I also designed the Power of Two logo as well as the ads on the BabyFit site pointing you to the games. This was definitely an educational experience for me, as I learned a lot about flash animation, game design and more about the technical side of design like this. We're currently working on episodes 7 and 8, and they're getting better every time.

Take a look at the first three games posted here on BabyFit. Feel free to play them comment on them etc. And I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Old Enough to Buy Art 3

Not like Studio Picotee needs side projects, but this has become an annual event that despite the work that goes into it, it ends up being totally worth it. Since I'm low on extra time today, I'm going to post here the press release so graciously written by my dear friend Katie Ginder-Vogel. I hope to see you at the show!

“Old Enough to Buy Art 3” Benefits National Parkinson Foundation
Innovative San Francisco Art Gallery Show Attracts New Collectors

San Francisco, Calif.—August 16, 2007—Studio Picotee, a San Francisco-based design firm that works with clients such as Wag Hotels, the Gap, and The North Face, is sponsoring an art show to benefit the National Parkinson Foundation. The goal is to provide a comfortable venue where young collectors can find accessible, enjoyable art that they want to bring into their homes. The show will take place September 19-22 and 25-26 at the Melting Point Gallery, 1340 Bryant Street, San Francisco, 94103.

Show Curator Heather Landers, the Design Director of Studio Picotee, conceived of the show when she turned 30, as a way to celebrate her friends’ creativity, and art she admired. Landers was able to introduce her peers to the idea of collecting art while giving back to the community.

“You’ll see pieces here that you may not consider to be art, or works a little rough around the edges. I did that on purpose, because I believe everyone needs a little piece of art in his or her life--in whatever form speaks to him or her. It’s not always going to be a Rembrandt or a Picasso – it might just be a friend or neighbor’s piece. It might be by someone you’ve never met, but somehow, they captured exactly what you were thinking. Or maybe it just makes you smile and would look great in your kitchen. Take a look around. See what you like. Ask questions, and see what the artists have to say,” Landers said.

Prices are under $250 for works by local, up-and-coming artists, as well as established designers. The mixed-media show includes photography, prints, and paintings. Artists may earn 50% of the sales from their work but are encouraged to consider full donations or their art. Prints and multiples are preferred. The show is a fundraiser for the National Parkinson Foundation, an organization that resonates with Landers and a number of the artists and organizers involved with the event, who have family members who suffer from the disease. This year’s show even features an artist who has Parkinson’s himself and has managed to use his tremor to his advantage in making art.

“We can all do our small part to make a contribution to the scientific research that will hopefully someday find a cure for our loved ones, and in the meantime, make it easier for them to cope and survive,” said Landers.

The opening reception will be held Wed, Sept 19 7-9pm, and the artists will be present. Last year’s show drew hundreds of people over the course of its run, and a generous donation was made to NPF, doubling the amount raised in 2005. The event has proven to be a popular opportunity for new collectors to add work to their burgeoning collections. The work is pocketbook-friendly and offers the added draw of benefiting a worthy cause.

Remarks Landers, “No matter how old you are, you are Old Enough to Buy Art.”

More information may be found at

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