Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do you know Jack?

Not only is Studio Picotee hitting the road with Intuit's Just Start campaign, we're also hitting the shelves with Earbud Jack! Jack is a neat little gadget that my friend, Mike Simmons, invented to keep your earbud cords organized and free of knots.

Studio Picotee designed the packaging using translucent plastic to show off the product since the way he is attached would otherwise hide most of it. And the graphic of the earbuds superimposed on the plastic illustrates how Jack is used. And the copy, written by Katie Ginder-Vogel of Poppy Communications is written to give Jack some personality. He's your fun friend who's got it all together.

Jack just arrived, so get him while the getting's good! He'll make a great stocking stuffer too! The best place to buy on-line is at MacFriends.

Jack's got it all wrapped up.

Just Start!

Some have you have heard about this from me, and others may have wondered where I went to the last 3 months. Well, the day is almost upon us when the project that I have been absorbed by is coming to fruition. It is a traveling booth for Intuit (the QuickBooks people) to help spread the word about their free software (which unfortunately doesn’t work on a Mac) and encourage people to start up their small business dreams.

I took this on because the customer they were speaking to was me, having just started my business a year earlier! It was a lot of fun to think of ways to give people the motivation to start their own thing. I designed the logo for the campaign and the overall look and feel of the booth and the collateral. I did contribute some to the website as well, but mostly that was an Intuit thing. Katie Ginder-Vogel, Petra Andersson-Pardini, and Dana Glenn were members of my team who helped me take this on. I couldn’t have done it without them.

I’m off to Seattle to see the event in action next week, so look out for some pics on my website or blog shortly. There’s been a lot going on at Studio Picotee, so stay tuned for more once the dust settles on this one.

Here’s the blurb from Grow – the marketing company I worked with on this:

To further empower the 10+ million Americans who dream of doing their own thing, QuickBooks Simple Start is sponsoring a nationwide JUST START contest where one grand prize winner will receive $50K ($40K in cold hard cash and $10K in expert resources) to get their business started or to take it to the next level. Submit a photo or video entry stating what you want to Just Start, what you're resigning from and what you'd do with the $50K worth of help to enter.

Also, we're hitting the road to share the news -- the campaign will come to life through the Just Start Lounge, interactive pop-up experiences inside high traffic commuter hubs. Here people can meet with Simple Start guides, small business consultants and entrepreneurs to get inspiration and free guidance to help them make the jump. Of course there will be detailed tutorials on how to use the free QuickBooks Simple Start software and all kinds of inside scoop, plus a chance to enter the contest by having the video contest entry filmed for you by a pro.

We'll be in the following markets on the below dates helping the people who aspire to do their own thing to make the jump (and Just Start)...
• Seattle: West Lake Center; October 24-25
• Chicago: Union Station; November 1 -2
• New York: Grand Central Station; November 8-9
• Boston: South Station; November 13 -14

Check out the web site - - to help you with resources and the possibility of a nice chunk of change...I know most of you do dream of your own thing or have just started it...

Feel free to enter yourselves in the contest, download their software (if you’re on a PC), and take the plunge to Just Start! I know someone who can help you with business cards. ;)