Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do you know Jack?

Not only is Studio Picotee hitting the road with Intuit's Just Start campaign, we're also hitting the shelves with Earbud Jack! Jack is a neat little gadget that my friend, Mike Simmons, invented to keep your earbud cords organized and free of knots.

Studio Picotee designed the packaging using translucent plastic to show off the product since the way he is attached would otherwise hide most of it. And the graphic of the earbuds superimposed on the plastic illustrates how Jack is used. And the copy, written by Katie Ginder-Vogel of Poppy Communications is written to give Jack some personality. He's your fun friend who's got it all together.

Jack just arrived, so get him while the getting's good! He'll make a great stocking stuffer too! The best place to buy on-line is at MacFriends.

Jack's got it all wrapped up.