Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Branding your Business

I came across this article today in the SF Chronicle Business Section. It really says it all in terms of the importance of your company's brand, especially as you're getting started or trying to launch into a new arena.

Branding is key to future success for small companies and startups

They use Apple as a good example to follow. Being a veteran of the Apple Graphic Design Department, where I lived and breathed "good branding" for 4 years, I learned a thing or two. They make sure everything they do is brand appropriate, and even if a project is really simple or seems inconsequential, it still follows the brand standards. By keeping these rules handy it makes the design aesthetic very recognizable. Something you want in a strong brand.

Take a look and come back and talk to me! I'd be happy to help you make your brand a reality.