Thursday, January 01, 2009

Brighten things up!

It's been a relatively busy end of the year, all things considered. In between jaunts to various conferences around the country and a holiday inspiration trip to the Christmas Markets of Munich, I did get to see two of my latest designs up and installed before the end of the year.

The first, a window display for Endurance PTC, a gym particularly focused on biking and triathalon training was installed on Front Street in San Francisco. The gym had big empty windows, and with all the foot traffic heading to and from downtown, it was a shame not to capitalize on that space to better explain what they do in there. We did a photo shoot of their clients on bikes and used their punchy orange to call out the benefits of the gym. Hopefully people looking to prepare for their New Year's Resolutions will be inspired to walk in on their way to or from work this January!

Then, for the holiday season, I worked with the North Face again on their Holiday graphics. Unfortunately, due to the changes in the marketplace and their own internal changes, we didn't end up executing the window display that we had worked on, but the in-store overheads did go up, and added a nice layer of texture to the store.

Studio Picotee is really looking forward to 2009. As Steve Jobs always said when I was working at Apple, "It's time to innovate through the downturn." And that's exactly what I hope to help my clients do. This is the perfect opportunity to reassess marketing programs and come up with new ideas that are both innovative and cost effective. As a small studio, we are perfect to help out on both fronts.

Here's to a fresh start to a new year! Cheers!